Getting Globalization Right. Sustainability and Inclusive Growth in the Post Brexit Age

XXIX Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar - 2017

Luigi Paganetto editor

Springer 2018 - ISBN: 9783319976914

This book presents stimulating new perspectives on three key sets of issues: a fair globalization, the policies that might be adopted in response to protectionist pressures, and sustainable development policies involving G7 and G20 actions to lay the foundations for renewed trust. The individual topics addressed within this framework are wide ranging.

Examples include globalization and national inequality, globalization and policies for inclusive growth in developing countries, the sources of controversies regarding trade agreements and their effects, the impact of new U.S. commercial policies on the world trading system, real convergence in the Euro area, and the causes of Brexit. The book comprises a selection of contributions presented at the XXIX Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar. In offering contrasting points of view on topics of high current interest, it will appeal to academics, policymakers, and economic experts at institutions.

Authors: Massimo Bagarani, Luigi Bonatti, David Freyr Bjornsson, Lorenza Campagnolo, Frederick Campano, Davide Cifierri, Pietro Cova, Ettore Dorrucci, Rupa Duttagupta, Adele Galasso, Francesco Gerotto, Thorvaldur Gylfason, Giancarlo Infantino, Danny M. Leipziger, Sandra Lizarazo Ruiz, Angelica Martinez Leyva, Martino Lo Cascio, Francesco Nucci, Luigi Paganetto, Patrizio Pagano, Massimiliano Pisani, Ottavio Ricchi, Dominick Salvatore, Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo, Marina Mendes Tavares, Gylfi Zoega.