Globalization, inclusion and sustainability in a global century

G7 International Forum Rome, May 8th-9th, 2017

Edited by Luigi Paganetto and Vincenzo Scotti

Eurilink University Press, 2018 - ISBN: 9788885622241

With the Patronage of the Italy’s G7 Presidency, a group of analysts and experts intends to offer to the G7 Heads of Government, through their Ministers of Foreign Affairs, some considerations and proposals. These are aimed at facing proactively today’s great challenges , because the measures adopted so far appear not to have achieved their desirable objectives.

The analysts and experts come from several Institutions and Universities (namely, Fondazione Universitaria Economia Tor Vergata and Fondazione Link Campus University), national and international Research Centres, as well as from the spheres of culture and politics. This Forum follows the previous one “The G8 and beyond: the economics and politics of a global century?”, held in Villa Madama on 21st and 22nd June 2009 in preparation for the G7 of L’Aquila (Italian Presidency) held on July 2009. As a way of introduction to each participant’s work, some “focal points” are suggested below, with the purpose to facilitate a contribution from everyone, by providing a framework to integrate the contents that will be assembled in the final document.