Revitalizing Anaemic Europe. Report 2014 - Executive Summary

Luigi Paganetto editor

Eurilink University Press, 2015 - ISBN: 9788897931508

This Executive Summary is the result of a project carried out, between October 2013 and June 2014, by a distinguished panel of experts who shared the idea of producing a series of papers in view of the EU semester of Italian Presidency and the new phase opened up by the recent European Parliamentary elections. A conscious effort was made to include experts from different disciplines and professional backgrounds in the working group, starting from the idea that this was necessary to ensure a vision that represented a wide array of approaches and experiences.

Indeed, from the beginning, the Report was conceived as a collection of ideas and proposals on the debate which has opened up on the future of Europe.


Authors: Michele Bagella, Luigi Bonatti, Rocco Cangelosi, Lorenzo Codogno, Paolo De Ioanna, Franco Gallo, Enrico Giovannini, Paolo Guerrieri, Giorgio La Malfa, Maurizio Melani, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, Ferdinando Nelli Feroci, Luigi Paganetto, Roberto Pasca Di Magliano, Beniamino Quintieri, Andrea Renda, Giuseppe Roma, Giovanni Sabatini, Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo, Giovanni Tria, Gianfranco Varvesi.