Achieving Dynamism in an Anaemic Europe

XXVI Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar - 2014

Luigi Paganetto editor

Springer 2015 - ISBN: 9783319140988

This book explores the reasons behind Europe’s poor performance in terms of overall growth and its progressively diminishing role in the global context. Recognizing that the big challenge is to restore confidence and hope in Europe, potential solutions are discussed. The volume comprises a selection of contributions to the XXVI Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar (Rome, 2014), the most recent of a series of seminars that have provided outstanding scholars with an opportunity to discuss key topics in economic research.

In recent years the persistence of high unemployment and low growth has increased the Euroscepticism that has targeted the euro and the Brussels bureaucracy. Readers will find this book a fascinating source of information on current thinking regarding topics such as European industrial policy, European governance, unemployment, the euro and competitiveness, trade and financial integration, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, anticorruption policies, and energy and climate policies. In particular, it examines the structural reforms and commitment to development that will be required for Europe to become a region characterized by social justice, dynamism, and opportunities for all.


Authors: Moreno Bertoldi, Luigi Bonatti, Frederick Campano, Lilia Cavallari, Lorenzo Codogno, Stefano D’Addona, Marco D’Alberti, Andrea Fracasso, Mauro Grande, Odin K. Knudsen, Lucio Laureti, Ying Lowrey, Christopher Mc Innes, Giuseppe Montesano, Simone Mori, Luigi Paganetto, Dominick Salvatore, Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo, Juan Vicente Sola, Roberto Tamborini, Giuseppe Tullio, Paul van den Noord.